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Creativity with a focus on results

From developing campaigns through to building, managing and selling creative agencies, Dom has always focussed on how work can yield results.  The best creative work is that which gets noticed and provokes an action.  The best agencies are those that consistently deliver results.




However, as is often the case, the how is more complicated than the what.  The formula to success is the right blend of great people - staff and clients.  Dom is a leader of winning teams and has helped grow many of the careers of those who have worked for him.

Boards, awards and onwards...

In 2012, Dom sold a majority stake in DJM to Creston plc.  The business was integrated into the healthcare division of the group and Dom joined the Health Board.  DJM set up shop in NYC in 2013 and the agency flourished as part of a network with complementary offerings from sister agencies both in UK and US.


In 2015, Dom was invited to the Cannes Lions Health Awards jury.  Later that year, Dom led the merge of DJM and PAN (a healthcare advertising agency).  In 2016, the newly merged agency picked up Silver and Bronze at Cannes.


At the end of 2017, Dom completed the final sale of the remaining 25% shareholding to Creston and left the business to find new adventures...

The early years

Having successfully built an online business for a major publisher when the web was only just beginning to take shape, Dom left salaried life in 1998 to start up an agency with two colleagues.  The resulting agency, MADnet, developed online strategies and websites for clients predominantly in entertainment such as Björk, Mother Records, Acid Jazz, and Audioweb.


Dom, however, wanted to go solo and in 2001, with several clients, started another agency called DJM.  The business quickly took off and, when a major piece of business with Panasonic was won in 2002, Dom started to recruit heavily.  The team went from 5 people in a basement office to a "proper" office with 15 staff in a year.  The next 3 years saw steady organic growth.


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A digital agency

From 2006, DJM repositioned as a full service digital agency providing multichannel strategy and execution to clients predominantly in the healthcare industry, although several FMCG and retail clients, such as Ted Baker and Panasonic were serviced by sister agency, Plastic.  Dom wholly owned DJM and had a majority stake in Plastic.

Central to DJM was the mantra of 'write once, publish many'.  One of the key benefits of digital is the ability to edit/repurpose content quickly and efficiently for multiple channels enabling clients to disseminate brand messages to as many as possible whilst retaining brand consistency.


Whilst much of the content was already produced in-house, Dom decided to acquire a large (4,000 sq ft) disused warehouse in South West London and renovate the space into a state of the art filming and content production space.  The result was The Studios which opened in 2010.

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